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ASA Industries has always believed in the celebration of festivals in right spirit. The Management has been supporting and encouraging its employees and staff with a view to making everyone feel at home with their families sharing moments of happiness and contentment. We have been celebrating all the festivals like New Year, Holi, Durga Pooja, Diwali and many more with zeal and enthusiasm. ASA Industries strives to make every employee feel like a part of the family through thoughtful celebrations that promote gratitude and well-being.

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ASA Industreis New Year Sweet Distribution

ASA Industries Employees can see and get to know each other in short monthly meetings, each with a specific focus and learning outcome. Teams can learn more about how they fit into the company’s business as a whole. Concerns can be aired in less formal settings, and everyone benefits from knowing that their leaders are accessible to them, that they have a chance to offer input, and that they are recognized for hard work and contributions.

ASA Industries Monthly Meet

Speech from Senior Vice President

ASA Industries Monthly Meet

Award Distribution to the Quality Team by the DGM

Award Distribution to the Logistic Team by the Plant Head

Award Distribution to the PPC team by the Plant Head

ASA Industries Award distribution

Award Distribution to the SVP by the Promoters for best Direction & Coordination

ASA Industries promote the implementation of social activities among employees and staffs. Activities that aimed to create awareness of the importance of social values, enthusiasm, discipline, environment and peace of mind. It targeted to attach a sense of responsibility for self-capability for everyone in applying good ethics at work. Also, it is an idea to identify the human resources that are already present in the company and also those who are not yet aware on the importance of its value. Involving our employees in social activities allows them to engage with one another and be open to new ideas.

Awareness Programme about Social Distancing & Safety from Covid-19 Virus

Quilt Distribution among staffs during Winter Season